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Why does everything I post feel like a pity party?

I’m so bored with my life and I don’t know what to do about it.  I live in the middle of nowhere and don’t have a car.  I have no way to make money, so I don’t know how I Could possibly buy a car.  I have a two year old to take care of, so its not like I can just get a ride to somewhere.  I love that I can stay home with him, and I love seeing him learn and grow every day.  Some days I think getting a job would be easier, not having to deal with the craziness every day.  But…in the end I can’t even imagine not being with him all day every day.  I love how he crawls into bed with me every morning.  I love that we have a routine.  We get up, change diapers/go potty, go get my coffee (“fee” if you ask him) and his milk (guch if you ask him) and then we go cuddle on the couch and watch mickey (foofy in Parker speak) and wait for the sun to come up.  Then we make oatmeal, mix in our mixins and enjoy our breakfast.  We spend the day doing random stuff.  I need to play with him more.  We’ve been exercising together, he’s so cute.  Today I got down and pretended to be an animal and he rode around on my back.  We built mega blocks towers.  It was fun, needs to happen more often and for longer stretches.  We’ve been eating much healthier, I need to do better though.  Watch portions, not let him have too much of one thing.  Him eating raisins instead of “ookies” is good, but I think he’s eating too many raisins and its messing with his pooping.  He’s got this nasty cough which is screwing with his sleeping.  Its been a rough two weeks.  In other words so far 2012 has sucked.

I want to learn to paint.

I want to start scrapbooking.

I want to have a killer garden.

I want to read the books I have in my kindle and nook.


Groove? Where have you gone?

Man, I need to get my groove back.  I haven’t knitted anything since like a week before Christmas.  I didn’t even finish any of the gifts I intended for Christmas!  Oy.  My Mom got her sweater half finished.  Parker’s hat isn’t finished, and I haven’t even started his mittens (which he could really use.)  I didn’t finish his entrelac blanket, or Sophie (which was intended as an Easter gift last year.)  I have some serious knitting to do, and I just don’t have the interest.  My quilting/sewing interest has gone bye bye too.  I have A ton of sewn strips on my cutting table that just have to be cut into 6″ squares and then sewn back together in a random fashion and ta da you have a quilt top.  Have I done it?  No!  Ive cut maybe a dozen squares, it’s ridiculous.  So many UFO’s that just keep staying UF’d.


Time to get knitting!

Sometimes I like where we live…

It’s taking me a while to realize, but I think I may like living here come spring.  The fact that we’re in the middle of nowhere and I don’t have a car is a huge problem, and one my sanity requires to be rectified, but we have a large yard and we’re close to the water.  I think when it comes to Parker playing outside this spring and summer, its going to be fantastic.  I’ll be able to have a large garden, etc.  We can get a small pool and a swing set if we want.

I do believe it shall be rather nice.  Now Spring needs to get here already!