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Ahh organization, I’ve missed you.

I am very cool.  So cool in fact, that I have spent my Friday night so far printing and organizing knitting patterns.


(really need to make that blanket, just fyi)

I took and put two patterns in each page protector, (except the ones I had printed premium-style at Staples on accident)  each facing out for easy viewing.  I also printed a bunch I hadn’t yet, and put them all in a new binder.  Not new, but…different from the last one lol.  Pink too!  I also printed the pattern pieces for the hat pattern I’ve got for making Parker hats, as well as the grocery bag pattern I’ve never made, as well as my quilt pattern.

Speaking of said quilt pattern, I REALLY need to get on that.  I so want that finished!  I want to curl up with it on the couch at night, not stare at it partially sewn together on the ugly wall of my studio.  I have to sew one row of blocks together, and then 3 rows to each other, then that set of 3 rows to the set of 2 rows thats already together.  THEN…I have to sew up all the little border pieces, and then sew them to each other, then sew them to the top piece.  THEN get the backing situated, then sandwich it, then quilt it, then bind it, then I can curl up under it.  Ugh.  This was my birthday gift to myself.  In September.  It’s January.  Hurry up lady!


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