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Why are we constantly beating ourselves up?

Why is it that we as mothers are always beating ourselves up?  Why is it that we(at least me…maybe its just me?)  are constantly cutting ourselves down for what we do as a mother?  I know I am always internally telling myself that I shouldn’t be doing this, no matter what it is I/we are doing.  If we’re watching cartoons, I’m reminding myself that he shouldn’t watch so much tv.  If I’m teaching him colors, I’m yelling at myself for him not knowing his colors better.  If I’m feeding him one thing for dinner, I’m yelling at myself for not feeding him something else/different/better.  It’s always the same story.  Why is it that I can’t just remember that I’m doing my best and he’s FINE.  He’s better than fine, he’s healthy, happy, well rounded.  He’s tall, skinny, mouthy, and your typical two year old.


So, note to self:  Give yourself a break!


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