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A new “needlework” goal

I am going to work on WIP’s till they’re finished.  That means no new damn projects.  This is the order in which I want them done:  (There will be a page at the top to chronicle this journey)

Moms Sweater

Wicked Ribs Socks

Tweed Central Park Hoodie

Double Heelix




Gray Central Park Hoodie

Entrelac Blanket


Toe up 2  @ a time socks




I’m also starting a few self imposed knitting clubs.  First, 12 pairs of socks in 2012.  12 sweaters in 2012.  If I finish 3 sweaters in January, (example only obviously lol) then that takes care of the “club” till the end of March.  I currently have three sweaters in progress, and 3 pairs of socks.

January Socks























February Socks

March Socks


January Sweater

February Sweater


March Sweater

Januarys socks are my Wicked Witch socks.  February will be Double Heelix, and March will be the tow up 2 at a time socks.  Sweater wise January will be my Mom’s sweater.  February will be my donegal tweed Central Park Hoodie.  March will be the misty gray wool of the andes Central Park Hoodie.  I’m going to add a page at the top for each of these “clubs” aka challenges.


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